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Fallout 4 on ps4, "Sprint" function does not work

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I have a day old ps4 with fallout4 installed. The game runs fine, but the "sprint" function does not seem to be working. I have tried everything, mods, no mods, reset to clear cash._ i have 2 brand new controllers but can’t sprint on any of them. New game, later game, outside settlement, it does not matter. Cant sprint. I am not crippled and not over encumbered. 


I had the mod: “scrap that settlement” and “uso unlocked settlement” But I uninstalled it and reset, but sprinting still does not work.


I really hope someone can help.



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If you can, re-assign the key to a different button, save the settings, then change it back.



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Heyas Alex - I've had both those mods on the PS4, and neither of them affected sprinting.  I'd honestly say that perhaps your controller settings have been remapped so that pressing down on the left stick is no longer activating the sprint, or you're not doing it right.  It's entirely possible that both of the controllers have broken sticks...but that would be kinda hard to believe.  But it's possible.

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