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[Request] Save Game After Cell's fight with Gohan

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I stupidly tried that "play as any character" trainer mod and didn't realize it f**ked up my save game, essentially right after the Cell Saga I found the trainer, was like "Oh cool now I can finally do those damn character specific sub-story quests without having to wait for the intermission.", Yeah that was dumb of me. Even dumber, I played and let the game overwrite my save. By the time I switched back to Gohan, I couldn't speak with Dende (assuming it's bc Gohan was now a weird hybrid of himself, having Teen Gohan's appearance but mad lots of sounds using Adult Gohan's voice). So here I am. Begging someone to help me with a save game bc I don't want to sit through hours and hours and complete everything 100% all the way until after the fight with Cell. Plz Help.




I screwed up my save game using a "Play as anyone" trainer and really don't want to play all the way back until after Cell's death, and am hoping someone might have a save game I could use.



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