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Why my Textures Turn Black at Night? And Snow and Ice looks Terrible.

vivid weathers elfx snow ice night light textures

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Hello my Nights in SkyrimSE getting Very Dark and Weird some Textures gettin Black and it Look not Immersive at all. Attached File  489830_20200129160410_1.jpg   246.75KB   1 downloads

How can i fix Some Lights spawn in when im Running and some Lights turn on and off when my Camera gets Close on the Edge.

Why is my Snow Ice look so Extremly Terrible the Normal Terrain looks Stunning and Next Gen but the Snowy Areas very Bad.


-Im Using Vivid Weathers with Night Brightness 3 

-And Enhanced Lights and FX with Exteriors  NO Weathers and NO Ice 

-My Textures are Noble Skyrim 2K

-Im Using LOOT for Load Order 

-I Dont have ENB!


  • Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch - German - Deutsch 

  • Book Covers of Skyrim Language Pack

  • Noble Skyrim SMIM Patch 

  • ELFX Fake Door Light Remover 


  • Skyrim Landscapes and Water Fixes 

  • Apocalypse-Ordinator Patch Kompatibilität 

  • QUASIPC Unified Patch 

  • Static Mesh Improvement Mod – SMIM 

  • A Quality World Map 

  • Noble Skyrim 2k Skyrim SE 

  • Northfire’s photoreal Mountains 

  • Skyrim Flora overhaul 

  • Realistic Water 2 

  • Vivid weathers 

  • Enhanced Lights and FX 

  • RUSTIC Clothing 

  • RUSTIC Soul Gems 

  • RUSTIC Clutter Collection 

  • RUSTIC Animated Potions 

  • RUSTIC Windows 




  • Book Covers Skyrim 

  • Lockpicking Interface Redone 

  • CC's HQ Roadsigns SSE 

  • Fences of Skyrim 

  • Ennead Shields 

  • Better Shaped Female Creatures 

  • LeanWolf's Better-Shaped Weapons SE 

  • Deadly Spell Impacts 

  • Glowing Ore Veins 

  • Jks Skyrim 

  • HD Reworked Ores 

  • Creepy Chaurus Eggs 

  • BellyAches HD Dragon Replacer 

  • BellyAches Animal and Creatures Pack SSE 

  • Ccs HQ Caves 2k 

  • Ccs HQ Mines 2k 

  • Blendet Roads 

  • Blendet Roads Redone 

  • WEBS Se 1024x1024 

  • Grindstones – 10x Sparkx 

  • Ennead Banners 

  • The Ordinary Women SSE 3.0 CBBE 

  • Seranaholic SSE 1.8.2 

  • The Men of Winter SSE 


  • JS Dragon Claws SE 

  • 2K Ordinator Ash Pile 

  • Magial College of Winterhold

  • Aehstetic Elisif 

  • Unique Dragon Aspect

  • Geckos Dwarven Ruins Textures 

  • Darker Interior Fog 

  • Mornings Fogs SSE 

  • Stunning Statues of Skyrim 

  • Burned Corpse 

  • Pretty GEMS 

  • House Cats SSE 

  • Squirrels SSE 

  • Dugongs and Manatees SSE 

  • Boars and Daggerbacks SSE

  • 2K_D P M I No Mesh 

  • Ultimate HD Fire Effects 

  • Vanilla Galaxy 2K Stars 






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You say you use LOOT for sorting purposes, but if that modlist you posted has been sorted, something went wrong because it seems in serious disorder.  You also say you use ELFX Exteriors, but I don't see the plugin.




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The List i Postet are Mods that i have Installed not the Correct Load Order i have ^^ 




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There's something wrong with the snow reflections.  Things get so bright they turn black.  So check what lighting effects mods and snow effect mods you have installed.  It's a clash between several possible candidates, including ENB preset and weather mods.




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Actually Vivid Weathers and the Bethesda Snow Shader made this ^^ I Turned it Off and now Use ELFX Combined with True Storms and now its fine!

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