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Please make Dogmeat a true K9

dogmeant k9 companions ai

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So I am a K9 trainer and handler and one of my biggest pet peeves is that Dogmeat is always on scout in front of the player and an all around s*** working dog. I understand that he is just supposed to be some random dog in the wastes but train the damn dog. I am not a modder and would love if someone could make Dogmeat into a decent patrol or even duel purpose K9. If any one would be willing to take this on I will list some suggestions bellow. As i said before i am not a modder and have no idea if any of this is even possible but it greatly appreciated. 



Heel - have dog walk in the heel position next to player.


detection - have dog alert on mines and traps with a bark or more realistically a sit. When a K9 detects the odor of explosives the dog will work to the source (explosive) and sit.


patrol - have dog actually bite and hold enemy without coming off until knocked out by enemy. A good K9 will bite and hold even if being hit and kicked some even hold after being shot or stabbed. Patrol dogs are meant to be man stoppers and take someone out of the fight long enough for the handler to deal with the threat not chew on him for a second and let go nor do they kill the guy...well almost never kill the guy.  


scout - be able to command dog to go forward away from player (about 2x the distance of vanilla). This could be useful for him to send him ahead through doors to attack enemy while the  player stays behind cover if the enemy is still unaware of the player or detect mines and traps.


Pacify chance - alot of people will give up rather than get bit even when they have a weapon. I would love to see Dogmeat have a chance to pacify with his own intimidation perk.  






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Technically could be done, but you'd have to alter Dogmeat's behaviour completely. Although there is no player interaction with giving commands to the dog unless you enter conversation mode. I mean it could be scripted and then use hotkeys to toggle them perhaps. Not sure.


My only annoyance with the dog is that he's always walking away from me if I move forward and that he, like other companions, enjoy blocking your way. It's the reason me and many many others travel alone. Nowadays I don't even take a single companion with me anymore to avoid being annoyed.

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