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Custom races in FO4

race custom race i know that i am crazy

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Hello everybody!


I have a question:


Is it (technically) possible to make a new custom race in Fallout 4? Like with custom meshes and all?



If so, how would this be done? And how hard would it be? Any tutorials for this that explain the process in detail?

I have a little bit of experience with the CreationKit, NifScope, 3DSMAX.




If you want to know why i am asking, it is for a personal project.

I can't decide between playing / modding Skyrim or Fallout 4, so I want to "port" Skyrim to Fallout 4.

I know this will probably take years of work, but I have lots of time.

Things like importing the landscape and the 3D assets will be no problem, they will just take lots of time and hard work, but the whole race-thing makes me worried.

[No, I do not plan to publish this ever, it is just for me alone ...]

I know that this is a crazy project, but I like to focus my attention on one thing instead of "wasting" time on to things at once.

And I decided to port Skyrim to Fallout 4 because FO4 has "more features". It would be impossible to get the "Settlement building" thing form FO4 into Skyrim.



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Totally possible, done it a few times. 

As for tutorials, had to brute force learn, but did so by finding mods that either made some NPC's or the Player "Unique" and pulled at the threads in the mods, using XEdit and CK, until I could make sense of it. 




Learning the structure of the NPC's and how race effects models, armor used, animations etc. I'd suggest starting in XEdit to see how the different things interact, but you should always do NPC edits in CK as XEdit will allow invalid changes that can result in serious errors to pure CTD's..



Some Mod's I'd suggest taking a peak at to see how they interact and make new or modified races.. 

Vulpine Race:


AnimeRace Wakaichan (Sub-Race)






Unique NPCs - Creatures and Monsters of the Commonwealth

My own mod, really need to update it, but I have a number of new NPC/creature races in it





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Thanks for the quick response!

I will try to "reverse - engineer" those mods, thank you for the suggestions.

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