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Power Armour Summon & Cooldown

power armour hard mode

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Throughout my many (albeit short due to constant modding) playthroughs of Fallout 4, I always find myself using the power armour excessively, I don't go anywhere without it; now I could leave it behind and just go out into the harsh wasteland without a hulking suit of metal wrapped snuggly around my soft fleshy body, but thinking logically, there is literally no benefit to leaving without the power armour.


Power armour provides increased protection, strength, and the ability to carry more around the Commonwealth, not the mention minor details such as totally negating fall damage, and the only balance to all of this is the fact that it requires fusion cores, which can be completely offset by knowing where to find them, or getting lucky in doing so.


But what if the power armour was a timed temporary ability instead?


You can still upgrade it and make it look pretty, and the fusion cores would still need replacing every once in a while, but now you leave your power armour at any of your power armour stations and use a recall holotape too summon the armour to your position, you automatically enter it, and you can use it for a set amount of time (or until you hop out), then it will kick you out if you haven't left already and vanish, then you would have a cooldown before you can summon it again.


What this will do is prevent the power armour from becoming a part of you for the duration of the game, and instead you will have to gauge when a good time to summon it would be.


This would work similarly to the race powers in Skyrim, however your race is total badass, and your power is unrelenting behemoth.


This will make the game a little harder for those of you who like more of a challenge.


Now I can't mod, I have no idea what I'm doing, so if you would like to create this masterpiece (and make it more of a masterpiece), you have absolute free rein in doing so.

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