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Fallout of Nevada

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Fallout: Nevada.

It's a "mod" game that is based on assets and on improved engine of Fallout 2, that is set about 30 years before the first Fallout. The size of the world is bigger than that of the Fallout 2 even with Restoration Project attached, yet the tone is quite grim and serious with less intrusive dark humor in the manner of Fallout 1. It has a great  main story, amazing soundtrack by Nobody's Nail machine  https://youtu.be/afSMc9-rB_8 ,

LOTS of interesting characters and side-quests (Example: Accidently stumbling upon a person who might be a pre-war serial killer (A ghoul), only to learn that he has a split personality the second of which is a cop that supposedly was hunting him down. Or gathering resources/people and or knowledge to perform a complicated operation on an Indian boy. Or how about creating your own jazz band? And that's just, you know a few examples that you basically encounter at the beginning of the game. And almost every quest has multiple solutions to it, often unorthodox, with even simple environmental story moments  harboring moral dilemmas: Give up a couple of love birds that go against the laws of the overseer and stay together, or pretend you never saw what you’ve seen? Let people burn alive a young man who fell asleep on his job and that way responsible for destruction of the town’s water pump, or try to calm them down and with that, become hated by the local leader?), coupled with some pretty nice new mechanics (Such as survival-inspired radiation and diseases, cooking and preparing medical treatments, weapon crafting/upgrade system, that, unlike Bethesda's, is much more personal, with you finding special weapons or schematics to make one, that become quests on their own to gather material to turn them from a s*** with potential to actual gold, etc. Weapons and ammunition to them are also scarce, and finding your first ever laser pistol or even a bit better version of 10mm pistol feels more satisfying than it ever was in any Fallout game).

  I put the word "mod" in quotes for a reason. If you didn't know it was made simply by talented people who love the franchise and want to add their word to it, you'd never suspect it wasn't an official "Lost prequel made back in a day by Black Isle".

You can easily find it on the internet, just google the name and download either original, or Fixed or Crazy Editions of it, that polishes the game and add features each in their own way.

If you curious to see the game in action, here’s a video review https://youtu.be/4HKJunYzVNU.

Though I wouldn’t watch it because it delves into spoiler territory. Just play it. I discovered it a couple of weeks ago, and after finishing, I felt like a gluttony sinner with a full belly. Whichever Fallout game is your favorite, you won’t regret playing this one because it’s simply. The Fallout. And that’s all there to it.


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