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How to Fix the SkyUI Equipment Slot Bug

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Do you have the SSE SkyUI equipment slot bug caused by tempering, dropping, selling, enchanting an item favorited and occupying a place in a SkyUI equipment slot (F1-F8) ?


It is also caused by ANY load order change that changes the mod prefix of any Favorited item assigned to an equipment slot.......  Which means you can't safely install or remove ANY mod with as esp if it is before your equipment mods.  If the mod load order for your favoutied item changes ..... your save is toast


Tried fixing it in-game ?   There is no way


Tried making a "clean save"  without SkyUI?  Chances are your save is toast


The ONLY  fix is to revert to a save before the issue BUT it may take a long time to notice that you have this bug.  Too bad SkyUI damaged your save WRT equipment slots and there is NO way to undo it.



If the bug is associated with installing or removing a mod,  ALL of your saves are affected even those before installing or removing the given mod 


However you can save ALL your saves from before you changed your load order  ....... you just need to move all your equipment mods up or down in your load so that they have the same prefix in your load order before the change....   All saves after you installed or removed the mod are still toast

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It is probably a good idea to use the Alternate ShowRacemenu mod to refresh your character and also reset Frostfall and Ineed using the MCM

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