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Housecarl for Winterhold/No need to buy a house for Thaneship

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This is a two parter,


A mod that adds just a housecarl for Winterhold. i spent my precious time helping the Jarl of Winterhold thinking i would get a new housecarl for my army, i trekked through a blizzard ran across a lot of water (waterwalking spell) to get to this gods forsaken frozen spit of land near dawnstar to obtain this steel helm for the jarl.

He "rewards" me with near useless Thaneship, and a shitty weapon, and thats all she wrote. No Housecarl. >:/

waste of time? yes definentally.


Just a (I'm thinking) simple mod that adds a housecarl to Winterhold when you become thane would be awesome no need for a house, i mean why would you want to live anywhere near Winterhold? i mean honestly.



and on that note of needing to own property in a hold to be able to be named thane, is, actually (like, i get it but) really dumb. i have Clockwork castle, i have kagrenac's instant fortress, I really do not need to own any other houses anywhere really. so a mod that gets rid of this little requirement would be awesome.

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