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dawnguard custom race fix request skyui automated xbox pc harkon vampire

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There is an issue with custom Races where when accepting Harkon's gift of Vampire Lord. Custom races will not be teleported to the Feeding room an instead will die instantly.


REQUEST :  For immersion purposes. When Harkon says "Be Still." an attempts to bite the player. Either

1. Make a dummy of whatever the player character is playing during the scene.An have him bite that. An load in alternate character with the vampire lord effect and setrace to the( Custom Character vampire) an switch AI too it with the Vampire Lord.


2. Make a mod with the SkyUI in mind. That will allow the player to set their custom races into a box an check mark them automatically. To include what custom race vampire into a list to change them into during this scene.


3. When Harkon bites, you can Racechange the main for an instant an  have Harkon bite the In game character like a Breton,hold on that...wait until transporting to the feeding room,then automatically switch over too the former characters Saved Racemenu setting  in vampire mode with Vampirelord an just pretend you got bit. Which is lazy an shows lack of effort. This also requires two mods to be installed as well as not being able to work on XBOX or PS4. An so not suggested.



4. So the easier solution is to auto register the custom races vampire modes or not let the player die at all. Which could run into some issues with other mods interfering.


5. A very simple fix. An alternative. Changing both Harkon and Serana's vampirelord bite to include any race to the MCM menu a list of what can be bitten and not die.


Thank you for your time. Name it whatever you want an please put it on Nexus for Skyrim LE, SE and Console versions please. As long as a person has a custom race. This will elevate any an all issues referring to this problem an not one persons's specific mod. If a player decided to remove Vamprism and needs to be bitten again. They will die again.

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