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Invisible objects sometimes reappear; interior settlement

creation kit invisible object error vault settlement

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Hi folks.


I'm having a go at turning Vault 111 into a settlement. I can get it to recruit, supply lines, map data, fast travel, all that stuff but there's a bit of a problem:


When I load the mod the elevator platform and gate at the base of the elevator shaft of the interior cell are now invisible. They are still there since I can operate them.


Also, most (but not all!) of the stuff I build in there is invisible. Invisible stuff includes beds, the generator and recruitment beacon, most workbenches, chairs, decorations.


Some of the things that are visible when built are turrets, water pumps, manikins and the armor workbench (but not the others!)


Just to cap it off, if I leave the vault and return, SOME of the invisible stuff is now visible (generator and rec. beacon) but other stuff stays invisible.


This testing was done with no other mods loaded so there cannot be conflicts, and it was tested from a new game. The mod was installed both before entering the vault at the start of the game, after entering it but before freezing, after freezing, and finally after leaving the vault and going home to Sanctuary. The results are the same in all tests.


The only thing I can think of is that it's building the invisible things into the pre-war version of the vault (maybe?) since one time I saw the mod loaded the pre-war elevator room rather than the post-war one.


I've seen the invisible elevator thing before with other mods from other authors, but these mods were not doing anything that I could see to the Vault 111 cell, but clearly were affecting it. I don't remember the combination of mods that had this effect.


Any suggestions are welcome (please!). I can't find anything obvious in the cell with markers on that could be responsible, but I'm a noob and I'll try anything.





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oww forgot, if i remember right editing the v111 will prevent a new game to finish, you get stuck in that gyro thing

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Thanks again Speedy, lots to think about and experiment with there.

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