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Do we need another house mod?

player home house

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I've recently reloaded Skyrim and all the DLC's and a number of key mods.


One of the things I've never found is a player home that I truly felt at home in. Many of the mods are too grand or expansive. Others are not really in keeping with the feeling of skyrim - ok contentious I know and no doubt you'll say - what about this house or that house or... and I hear you I do.


Personally one of my favourite player homes ever was the fighters guild with the secret underground rooms in Morrowind... I used to store all my treasures there.


That being said an idea that has been with me for sometime is a player home inspired by Howl's Moving Castle... the idea being every major town/city in Skyrim would have a small building with a door... that door would lead to the player home.


Upon leaving the player home you'd get an option to just leave and be outside... or... open any door in any city (so fast travel but nice and immersive).


In terms of design I really liked the Solstheim Long Houses... nothing too elaborate. A nice hall for your followers and kids, rooms off the sides. Displays around the hall for weapons, shields, mannequins. Then a private wing for Claws, Masks, Shrines and other stuff.


Don't suppose anyone can suggest something like this?

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