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How To Replace Player Voice Files with My Own?

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I've never done any sort of mod creation beyond editing a texture in photoshop from someone else's mod, so I'm really out of my depth here. I want to replace all the audible sounds my character makes in game with my own pre-recorded voice; basically all of the grunts, acks, shouts and death rattles.


I know how to use audio software to normalize and compress the audio I'd be getting out of my Very Good Microphone­­™, but I don't know how to replace the existing ones for my character with the new ones. Also I would love to know how to make it exclusive to my character and not be hearing other members of my race and sex using my Oh-Nos back at me. 


If someone could show me how to do it or get started doing it, that would be lovely. If someone would be willing to do it for commission that would be cool as well, but I'd like to save money if possible.

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