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Closed Accounts?

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This topic contains outdated information. We no longer close account, but you can learn how to delete your account here.
The difference between a closed account and a banned account is simple: a closed account is done by request of the user themselves. A user can request their account be closed and we will ban the account, change the email address (to avoid any worries about your email being stored in our database) and lock it down so it can no longer be used. A banned account is an account that has been banned for breaking our Terms of Service.

We like to catalogue and document closed accounts for our own records, and for yours.

A person who has requested their account be closed is welcome back at any time. All they need to do is fill in an unban request form and let us know they're ready to come back. A banned account is not welcome back, though a banned user can still fill in an unban request form in an attempt to get unbanned.

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