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Total War Three Kingdoms Mod Question

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Hi all,

I really want to make this idea come to fruition, but I have never made a mod for any game at all ever. I definitely know very little about the scope of what is actually possible when it comes to modding, but I assume my idea will require some modeling. I was hoping to get some feedback or advice about this idea I've got and how I can bring it about:

In both campaign modes of the game, the player can toggle between the usual battle interface (operating units and issuing orders) and operating one of the generals in hand to hand combat (dynasty warriors type game-play).

I've thought of a lot of different intricacies that could be involved in how things would work and be with this added component to the battles, but I admit, it does seem a bit far reaching for a mod to accomplish. For the sake of the argument, lets call this new possible game-play "fight mode".

I picture the mod commandeering the battle camera motions in order to follow whichever general is being operated in "fight mode" during the battle. I have no idea how I could get the mod to actually have keys command the general to swing their weapon at enemies, get on/off their horse, initiate a charge or battle formation for their own unit, use any abilities, block, counter, or any of that. Of-course, I don't even know if this is possible.

Does anyone have any advice or comments about this? I'll appreciate any responses. Thanks!



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If I were you I would probably goto TWC and ask for help there.


I know there are tutorials posted here and here is where you have the best chance of getting help.


Sorry, I don't own the game so I cannot help you.  Good luck! :smile:

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