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No Miscellaneous quest map markers

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About half of my long list of miscellaneous quests do not reference a map marker leaving me to have to minimize game and search on Fandom for quest info, like the city name, and then the character location to complete the quest, or where i should go next in quest steps, kind of kills immersion, is there a mod or fix for this?




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As it seems to be a problem with only a certain number of your miscellaneous quests, you'd have to list which ones specifically are affected. I'm not aware of a mod that adds map markers for only a certain number of misc quests. Do you have any mods installed? If not, USSE might fix it. 



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1) Most quests provide a marker on your compass, even if they're not shown on the map or are otherwise difficult to spot (sometimes they don't show up right away, sometimes they're present but simply hard to discern from the map clutter, sometimes they only show up once you get within a certain distance.)


In this case, point yourself toward an arrow and starting walking. (turn off the other quests to isolate a give quest so you know the arrow is associated with it.

I'd also note that some quests don't appear to have any marker of any sort. (I'm still looking for Toldfir's book for instance, and there doesn't seem to be any marker associated with it.)


2) You could try one of the map addons like https://www.nexusmod...tion/mods/24104, which, by adding minor location markers *might provide some relief although I don't know for sure in the case of the link I provided... Afaik, there are about 7 pages of "map" entries when I search nexus, so if the link I provided doesn't do the trick for you,  I'll leave that rabbit chasing up to you.

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