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Fast travel mod request

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Hello all!

So I just finished ASC Origins and started ASC Odyssey and now that I have been playing the game a few days I am really, really, really getting frustrated with the lack of a fast travel option to towns and villages. I mean it is ridiculous some locations only have one fast travel point in the middle shared by 4-5 towns/cities and side quests and even main quest send you up and down the land like crazy going north to south and back and then north to south west and back to east and then back to south and back to north.

Long story short, I am getting well fed-up of wasting all this game time travelling non-stop. It is ruining what so far is otherwise an amazing ASC game.


I checked already on Google and on the Nexus but shockingly this issue has not yet been fixed by the modding community. Has anyone seen or heard of anyone working on a fast travel fix (thus by adding the fast travel option to each town in the game?) or due to the way the game is designed this is simply impossible or a crazy amount of work for little reward?


I was a bit worried about this as the base game of ASC Origins had plenty of fast travel points and this vastly improved how fun the game was. But the second DLC "The Curse Of The Pharaohs" had a distinct lack of fast travel points and even many big locations no longer had fast travel points. Funny enough now that I started playing ASC Odyssey you see how the design direction has stayed the same from DLC 2 to ASC Odyssey. No idea why Ubi has gone this route as it really holds the game back and quite frankly is making me want to quit playing it all together as it is starting to bother me that much.


I don't have all the time in the world for playing games and much less so to be wasting it on my horse set to auto-pilot after every single quest.


So is there any hope on this front or have they made the game impossible for this feature to get added?

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