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The slow/fast download nag screen is seriously impacting performancce

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Problem reported:


The semi-new "interrupter" we get, between asking to download a file and actually being able to do so, is rather clumsily coded in 1990s "every change must be a total page reload" style, and it has a really severe impact on ability to get anything done around here.


Steps to reproduce:
Just go try to download anything from any mod page, as a generic/average user not a high-tier customer. The entire Files page will reload, and you get the nag screen, then you pick "Slow download", and the download starts. Then to get back to the rest of the files (for most mods of any consequence you need several files), the page completely reloads again. Aside from making the process take much, much longer than necessary, it's a gross waste of bandwidth.
Expected result:
I get why this "pay us!" nag was put there, but it should be working via Ajax or whatever and simply pop something up without reloading the entire page, then go away after the download has started (without reloading the page again). The old system already used to do this (and parts of the current pages still do – there are all sorts of pop-up elements on this site that don't force a page reload). So it's really weird to me that you broke it just in the course of changing the wording on it and making it bigger to fill most of the viewport.
Actual result:
Covered above. This has a really bad impact when you're dealing with a mod that requires a dozen or more parts (patches, etc.). Like half an hour of screwing around when it should take about 1-2 minutes. I guess it depends on your connection speed to an extent, but mine's fairly fast, so server speed on your end is also a major factor. And this has to be causing a lot of resource drain on the servers (which means more cost, which means more nagging us to pay – it's a vicious cycle waiting to happen or already happening).
While I get the rationale for doing something somewhat like this, it's not just the efficiency problem that's an issue. The fact that it's using a bogus "Slow download" versus "Fast download" choice is extra-tacky. We all know that "Fast download" doesn't make the download go faster, it goes to a payment form that has to do with user–Nexus relationship, not that file in particular. Higher-paying donors would never see this "interrupt" screen at all, so the presentation of download speech choices is a ridiculous sham. This thing is modelled directly – right down to precise wording and button design – on shady download sites that cater to pr0n and pirated software, which is especially hypocritical given Nexus's anti-piracy position and limits on adult content beyond about an "R"-rated level.
It would be way more honest to have a choice between "Free download with [x] speed limit" and "Click here to subscribe for faster service" or something.
All that said, I actually did pay, just at a lower tier (enough to get rid of Nexus-unrelated advertising, despite the fact that I could have used any number of adblockers to resolve that for free). It's rather off-putting to be treated like a total leech, especially when I also contribute mods and other content. Try acknowledging that there are different support levels: "We know you're a [whatever kind of member] and have contributed [y] number of mods yourself, but to help defray server costs, only [some less impoverished kind of member] users can get full download speed. Click here to upgrade your membership". Something like that. We're not mindless cattle or robots.
I was going to upgrade to a better subscription level a while back already (I'm preparing to do a totally new build-out of Skyrim I expect to use all year, so I need to be on Nexus regularly). But this inefficient and intelligence-insulting nagware screen is so irritating I can't in good conscience reward you for doing this to us. So I've been sitting on my money for a few months and will keep doing so until this thing behaves more sensibly.




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staying with the 1990's theme - I predict that one day they will invent a browser with tabs so you can have multiple pages open at once.




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staying with the 1990's theme - I predict that one day they will invent a browser with tabs so you can have multiple pages open at once.


My thoughts exactly.


Re-loading a page is on the user, not the site design.  Mouseover a link, right click, open link in new tab - and you still have the original page loaded in a previous browser tab.

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