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The Morrowind 2020 Winter Modjam

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The 2020 Morrowind Winter Modjam - February 29th-March 1st

48 Hours - Three Themes - One Mod


From the creators of Morrowind Modding Madness and the Morrowind May Modathon Month, the biggest annual modding competition in the gaming community, comes a new series of bi-annual events, the Morrowind Modjams! Twice a year, once in Summer and once in Winter, we'll be hosting these modjams in the proud tradition of the gamejams of the past, where modders will have one weekend, just 48 hours, to come up with, design, and release a mod that matches one of three different themes!


Starting on February 29th and going through to March 1st, participating modders will have their skills and endurance tested as never before, with limited time to make their ideas a reality and release their completed mods on the Nexus before the 48 hour window is up!


Unlike past competitions, this is a judge-free event, but we'll still be giving out png badges/achievements to all participating modders, and everyone will be entered to win randomly drawn prizes from our pool of indie and AAA games (with some 220+ games to choose from)! In addition, the top 10 mods from the Modjam, in terms of endorsements and downloads (by March 15th), will get their own video features on Morrowind Modding Showcases!


As for how it works, on February 28th at 6pm (-6 UTC Time aka American Central Time) we'll be revealing our three Modjam themes, so modders will have a bit of time to try and come up with ideas to match one of the themes before the Modjam begins. All mods released for the Modjam must involve one of the three themes to some degree. Otherwise, the only other requirement is to release a mod on the Nexus within the 48-hour window with a tagline at the top of the mod description reading "Part of the Winter 2020 Modjam".


You can submit a mod as part of a collaboration effort with another modder (or modders), or utilize modder's resources, or do a solo-mod. The only rule is no cheat mods!


The Winter Modjam 2020 Themes have been revealed!
1. The Merchants - Mods overhauling shops, adding mercantile gameplay mechanics, adding new items for sale, etc...
2. The Wastelands - Mods overhauling the Ashlands, Molag Amur, or Red Mountain regions, either by overhauling landscapes, or otherwise adding new content to these areas, or adding in new gameplay effects (potentially related to Blight and Ash storms), etc...
3. The Daedra - Mods adding in new Daedra, touching upon Daedric artifacts, overhauling Daedric shrines, or adding new Daedric-related content, etc...


The competition begins on Saturday, February 29th at 12:00AM -6 UTC time (10pm American West Coast, 1am American East Coast, 6am for the UK, 7am for central Europe) and ends on 6:00am -6 UTC time on March 2nd (4am American West Coast, 7am American East Coast, 12pm for the UK, 1pm for central Europe).


I hope you'll join in for our first Modjam, and more importantly, have fun with the competition! We'll be revealing the themes tomorrow so best of luck to the modders, and long live Morrowind!

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