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Modern firearms (console friendly)

weapons armour

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Can someone create a mod for consoles, which adds modern firearms like assault rifles, LMGs and sidearms and accessories, like modern body armour and rucksacks.

I'm aware there is already a modern firearms (tactical) mod, which basically, does just what i'm asking and it is a fantastic mod, but i dont think its very console friendly, i have some issues with it, not critcisms, because as i've said, it's a fantastic mod. However:

The file size: at over 800mb, it takes up a huge chunk of console users allowance

The contents: there are so many weapons and different versions of them who needs 20 different versions of an M16 or a G36?!?

Its complicated: again not a criticism, but there is so much to do in order to personalise each weapon, i get what the mod author is saying, in that you wouldn't be able to create these weapons from tin cans and a rusty roof, but the same logic would mean you would't be able to create laser turrets or plasma rifles either.

Would someone be able to create a similar mod, but more streamlined, and in line with the vanilla crafting and leveling sytem. With not so many options for each weapon to keep the file size down?

As i said, huge kudos to the author of Modern Firearms, i just don't think its console friendly

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