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Entrance to Dugout Inn is gone: Exit dumps out at Camp Kendall

bug dugout inn diamond city market door entrance

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Alright, so I have a weird question: I just completed all the Far Harbor quests and returned to the commonwealth to complete things there. Was getting ready to work on Confidence Man in Diamond City, but when I walked toward the dugout inn, the door was gone. All I had was a space where the door should have been. So I used console commands to get into the Dugout Inn by having my player teleported to Vadim. It worked and everything inside the Inn seems okay, but when I left, the door said exit to Financial District and it dumped me out into the middle of a Raider Fight at Camp Kendall. Is there a way to reset the interior cells of Diamond City so that in theory the door comes back? Or does anyone know the coding for the Dugout Inn door? My Mod list is below: aside from the Unofficial Fallout 4 patch, I don't think any of them messes with the meshes inside Diamond City. Thanks for the help!


Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch

IceStorms Tactical Outfits

RobCo Recon Scope

Flora FX Overhall

NoShared Dogmeat Template


Glock P-80

Scar LK 

Scar LK 7.62 Conversion

Scar LK Mod enhancements

Commonwealth Cuts

Rugged Desdemona

Cute Sleepwear - cbbe

sunshine hair

Tactical Combat Swimwear

Mr Handy Plasma Guns

Accuracy International AX50






Sig SG 550

Legendary Armor Modifications

Simple Ballistic Weave Expansion

Armored Under Armor

Automatron Helmet Fix


Companion Heal Thyself

DLC Ammo Scrounger

DLC Weapons in the Commonwealth

Docile Radstags

Furniture Owner

Institute Sky

Powered Armor Hoarder

Presto - One Minuteman quest at a time

Stealthy Silver Shroud Armor


Ballistic Weave Vault Suits

No DLC Vanilla Radiants

Better Junk Fences

Looks Menu Body Tattoos CBBE

Looks Menu Nail Salon

Brotherhood of Steel Kit

Faster Terminal Displays

Longer Powerlines

Enhanced Blood Textures

Sneaky Kills

Better Settlement Defense

Spawn Settler Button

Dogmeat A True Companion

Quad Projectile Launcher

Vivid Fallout All in one

Looks Menu

Unique Player

Vendor Caps

Level 4 Merchants improved

Magnolia isn't a Cartoon

Ferals After Dark

M249 Chem station





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So the door ended up on top of Faneuli Hall. I was able to get it back roughly to the same spot by using its PRID moveto player command in the console, but it's not exactly right. Any ideas on how to get it back?

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