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Changing Stamina Soft/Hard Caps using Yapped?

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I am using Yapped lately to change lots of stats in the game. Sadly i don't know how to change Stamina Soft/Hard Caps.


I know most of the other caps are in the CalcCorrectGraph like HP/FP per attribut increase or Resistences per lvl/attribute. i know where to manipulate the curve of Souls cost per lvl, the caps for attribute scalings on weapons, item discovery per Luck, and i know atleast that something is changing how much fall damage you get depending on your Dexterity.
But no matter what I change in these Params, nothing seems to change Stamina, Equip Load, Attunement Slots.

All i want to do is to flatten the gains per attribut up to 99 on every attribute, so i have more reasons to increase something above 40 rather than for resistences only.

I don't care to much about Equip Load and Attunement Slots, as they are already flat or rather flat. But Endurance is only giving me Stamina and Lightning/Bleed Resistence, but to increase End over 40 only for the latter and 10 more Stamina is weird for me.

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