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I can't download a Mod Manager. Can't open Frosty. HALP

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I can't download a Mod Manager. Can't open Frosty. No messages. At all.


What's the problem?




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If you "can't open Frosty" that means you've downloaded a mod manager.  So, indeed, what's the problem?

That frosty doesn't open can be because you didn't install it properly or that something like an anti-virus solution is blocking the exe.




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frosty doens't even have an installer. it's just a compressed archive with the files and no readme or instructions. it's own website has no instructions.




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Savadrin, you need to install an unzipping program to open up the archive, the exe will be inside of it. Such a program is required to download all dragon age: inquisition mods on nexus since we cannot upload the .daimod and .fbmod files directly since those are not supported files on nexus, however archives such as .7z, .zip, .RAR, etc are. 


Here you can download winRar. Go to the section where it says last updated: [date] and then underneath that it says WinRAR and RAR 5.90 release. There you will see a list of languages it is available in and you just need to find your language, in blue it will say 64 bit, 32 bit, click on one of those depending on your system, for me it is 64 bit and then it will start a download. It will say it is a free trial but you can continue to use it and it doesn't disappear or have any restrictions or anything, just has popups when you open it to say well you can buy it and it will get rid of popups. 


Alternatively you could get 7zip or peazip which you can find online, personally I use winRAR and the frosty .archive download was made with WinRar as it is a .RAR file so you can try it. 


What you want to do once you got WinRar, paste your frosty mod manager .Rar thing into a free folder, doesn't matter where except some certain drives have issues with it, I don't know much about this but I have it on my D Drive on my computer and it works okay. Also I would refrain from putting it directly into your game folder, Idk would it be an issue, but I like to keep it out of that folder just in case.


So once you've done that, right click on it and a menu will come up, press extract here, then it will extract a load of files, including the .exe for the frosty mod manager. Go right click on the exe > properties > compatibility > tick run this program as administrator, because frosty needs admin privileges to access your game folder, and then hit okay and apply. 


Then double click on the exe, press yes to letting it run, I think it will come up with "select configuration" and then what you want to do is press the "new" button in the bottom right corner, then navigate to where your DAI.exe folder is located, for many this would be C: > Program Files > Origin Games > Dragon Age Inquisition, and then select the .exe file, click okay, whatever. Now you will have dragon age: inquisition listed as a configuration, double click, now you can add your mods. 


You don't need to make a specific folder in a specific place for your frosty mods because frosty mods makes a mods folder for you out of the mods you apply, so you don't need to put them in any certain place, you just need to go to import mods button in bottom left corner > navigate to where you have installed a mod you want, if it is in a compressed file such as .rar, .zip, it is okay, frosty can automatically find the mods inside these unless it is daimod or in 7.z or there is multiple compressed files in one, then you do the same thing you did to unzip the frosty mod manager.exe. Then hit okay, and in bottom middle press "apply mods" button, the mod should go to the applied mods list to the right now, those are the mods that will be showing in game, if they have a tick mark next to them in the applied mods list. Click the checkmark next to mod name again to disable it if needed. 


So then all you do is press launch in the top middle button, it will ask there is a new installation, we need to make symbolic links, you have to say yes otherwise it won't have permission, then it will launch the game with your mods, remmeber you must launch with frosty, not origin, every time you want to see your mods. Also for mods you can also click and drag them onto the mod manager as well, instead of navigating to specific folder.


One more thing that may be confusing: older frosty mods used to come with a .archive file, this does NOT need unzipping. It is required for older frosty mods to work. Newer frosty mods don't have it. 

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