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You played this game too long when...

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https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/24357    Many things including spiders 



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- There's no chocolate in the game.  One of the few things that never gets bad over time and still the most popular 'candy' or snack.

- Codsworth mentioning Shaun 'so loves a game of Charades'.  Really?  He's not even one year old.

- Why do the Institute technicians defrost the female character when they're after the kid who's with the father?  The bloody sadists at Bethesda wanted the woman to witness the killing of her husband and kidnapping of her infant son, that's why.  As if she wouldn't notice after the freezers fail.

- And when the freezers fail, everybody dies, except, of course, your character.


Etc., etc.

More like what woman in her right mind is going to abandon her motherly instinct and hand "the football" over to the husband in that level of crisis.    Nope, she's going to have "the football" with her even when she's changing into that vault suit.   Her child is literally all she has left in the world.  Sure, maybe after a few days when they get settled into their new digs (right)......

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