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PSA - America Rising: How to Fix Vertibird Issue at Oil Rig

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This PSA is a bug solution which applies to the Fallout 4 mod America Rising - A Tale of the Enclave


Early in the story of the Enclave you are brought to an oil rig.  In some cases, the as the vertibird is landing on the rig, the player is not given an opportunity to exit the aircraft before it takes off again and flies around randomly.

If you are dedicated to continue with the story, but cannot get off the vertibird, you should do the following:



Step 1. You will need to note the entity ID of one of NPCs who are going with you, I personally used the General (The ID on mine was 20004706 though it might be different for you, I am unsure if these are universal). You can gather this information by opening your command prompt and clicking on the npc you choose.
Tip: To open your command terminal press the "~" button on your keyboard. Some users may need to press CTRL and ~ at this same time.
Step 2. As you are headed to the oil rig, enable godmode with the command "tgm" without the quotes.
Step 3. After you let the other npcs off the vertibird, let it fly a decent distance away.
Step 4. Open your command prompt again, click on the vertibird, and type "kill".
Step 5. After the vertibird explodes you will be swimming in water, you may now exit god mode by typing "tgm" again in your command prompt.
Step 6. Enter the command "player.moveto TheIdYouNoted" and you will be teleported back onto the oil platform.

Replace "TheIdYouNoted" with the ID that you had noted earlier. 


There may be a better way to fix this, however this is what I did and I hope this works for you too.

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