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Pcea2 Animations not working

pcea2 fnis t-pose no errors animations not working obsolete unofficial skyrim patch bashed patch

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I've installed pcea2 and ran FNIS with no problems, i know how to read it everything is good,but and when i start the game everything works fine but when i activate the animations and refresh in the MCM my character will tpose if i do anything except walk forward, I'm not really sure what the problem is since it should be working according to FNIS and there is no tpose problems unless its active


Fnis- https://gyazo.com/14...8bf483b1449bfa1


The animations im trying to get working are the jumping flip and back flip and twirl animations, but character will tpose when going anywhere except forward


Im using vortex and xpsm extended (would i really need to go to xpsm to fix it?)


Thank you for any help in advance


EDIT: T-pose only happens after refreshing animations, specifically when ticking jump animations, but its odd cause it makes my character tpose no mater what, but not when i walk/run forward that is the ONLY time it doesnt tpose



I do have a separate post, when i try to make a bashed patch the patch depends on unoffical skyrim patch.esp but vortex says its obsolete and if i try to run the bashed patch unoiffcial skyrim legendary patch then my  game loads the dragon logo but never loads menu options, how can my bashed patch depend on an obsolete file??

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