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"Rate Limit Exceeded" Constantly

bug rate limit error download

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I have been getting the "rate limit exceeded" message all day today. I am going through a large mod guide and have been downloading a ton of mods since yesterday, but I haven't downloaded nearly enough to get rate limited. 

This morning I downloaded roughly 20-30 mods, and got the message. 

Around noon I downloaded roughly 20 mods, and got the message. 

I just downloaded 13 mods this afternoon, and got the message once again. 

I've downloaded less than 100 mods total today (mostly textures), and have gotten the message three times already. Is there something I'm missing? Is this a server issue? 


Edit: I should also note that I installed a lot of mods last night. From roughly 5pm yesterday to 5pm today I've installed ~330 mods. From what I understand, Vortex should be able to download ~800 mods in a 24hr period before reaching the rate limit though, right? 



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You may find the following information useful: https://help.nexusmo...-does-this-mean.


Please be sure to read through the entire article, including the last section.

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