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Land/ Air war Mod for anno 1800 possible ?

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Hi everyone, 
I was wondering if someone could make a  Anno 1800 mod which makes it possible to destroy buildings on Land (such as Industry and houses) or at lest set them on fire to see the enemies city burn down. 
I had 2 main ideas: 
1. Could the "Mortar" and "Mulcher" items be reprogrammed to be used on the airships and also fire on land and destroy the buildings on there (there must be a restriction since you cant fire the Mulcher or the mortar onto an island)
  - Maybe there should be another type of airship which can exclusively use the new Mortar and Mulcher items but which can be destroyed by the
    ships and harbour turrets to ensure a little balancing. 
2. would it be possible to let the sige of an island instantly trigger widespread fire and riots in the city (also maybe the riots could be replaced with line infantery or similar units from other games in this case) to cause a lot more destruction (much more than in the base game) in the enemies city. 
I´m not a programmer so these are just ideas to add a little more "flavour" to the siege and the war. It makes me really sad the developers didn´t include the absolute war which has its roots in exactly this era in the Game. It just fells like there is something missing.
Thank you and i hope for an answer from a programmer and also other ides how the war in Anno 1800 could be spiced up a little more 
Best regards dermo98

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