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[Mod Request] Dont force the player to have a banner

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Hello. A nice thing that was in the game Warband, was the possibility of the player decide who he was, if he wanted to be a random guy without any decent reputation or a lord. In both cases, one would result in a character without a banner going around, being able to defeat vassals without suffering any important penality. If you decide to have a banner, you will have a banner and same thing will happen but with the additional of you being at war with the other faction.

Now in Bannerlord, it seems the game forces you to have a banner, ruining the freedom of the player to decide if he wants or NOT to have banner, and basically if you attack a vassal, you will be at war with the entire faction even if you have a very low reputation. (How a low reputation figure will all suddently be important to all the faction if attack a vassal? Bandits can do that and they will not be remember as a high rank terrorist or something like that). Anyway, I would like to know if someone can create a mod that dont force the player to have a banner. The player had this freedom in Warband and sadly, this seems to not exist in Bannerlord. Thank you. 

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