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"Better" flight controls and views?

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So. I love the game! I am new to it and already engrossed.


But gang: when the in-flight controls, and navigation and flight support, in my starship that is the size of a Ford 350 but can do interstellar warp jumps, is primitive compared to that on a Boeing 787, it does hurt.


Per another post of mine, I don't know anything about modding games. But just thinking about what pilots in today's civilian and military aircraft have available, these are some things that I think could really, really stand to be part of the flight experience.


  • An *altimeter*. Currently, our intrepid pilot has no idea of his altitude above the planet or moon surface. I believe flight here on Earth had altimeters by the time of World War I, or at the latest, II.
  • A ground penetrating radar useful from orbit for noting buildings and deposits. We have that on satellites today.
  • A compass that displays more than "North", and "South", but an actual *heading* as well, and also where "North" is actually "North" with respect to the planet, not "forward" when you entered into the atmosphere. Could even have "East", and "West", displayed.
  • Some ability for the pilot to see what is in view when it is raining. Whereas pilots today have the option of radar and even infrared visibility, our starship (which is the size of a Ford 350 but can do warp jumps) is in the age of Wilbur and Orville Wright, where the pilot is blinded by a bit of mist, or rain. It's difficult to believe that a civilization capable of single-man interstellar flight gets blinded by a bit of rain. One could imagine that there should be a way of seeing through rain and mist.
  • An "autopilot" capable of reaching a waypoint. Privately owned sailboats 30 feet long have that today. In the game, we are hanging out with sentient AIs (the Korvax) in giant space stations. And there is no "autopilot".
  • Wait for it.
  • Wait for it.
  • The flight experience itself is in need of work. The typical starship handles like a large bathtub, mounted on a pair of snowboards, piloted down a black diamond ski slope by a drunken redneck on his day off. 

Any ideas?

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There are mods that alter the flight somewhat but you'll have to try a few out yourself and have a go at editing yourself, it's not that hard tbh unless you get into something a little more in depth.


And the game is what it is unfortunately which is a bit of a mess.  :dry:

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