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Blood Omen Mod?

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After tooling around with and editing a few ability enhancing mods I had the idea of how easy it might be to make a mod based off the Legacy Of Kain series and it got me excited enough to make a post seeing if there's any interest from others about that. I've never created any mods before but I'm familiar enough to try, I'd still need pointers at least.

What I know already exists and would include:
Body telekinesis - Dark Chains has that covered though I'd alter the effects and replace the telekinesis audio clip with the one from Defiance
Enhanced lightning exists
super speed, strength, jumping


What I'd like to include but am unsure how much is already available:
Weapons :The Soul Reaver sword, havoc/malice axes
A Kain Avatar, either old Kain or young Kain in the red and black armor (is it possible to add voice clips to the player character? Like Kain laughing and shouting "Vae Victus" as he slaughters people?)
A health draining ability that's like the blood drain from the LoK games. I though I saw a health drain spell mod somewhere that I could work off but I can't find it.
The ability to slow fall, glide down from higher platforms, maybe as a spell
vampires and/or sarafan to fight. I can probably retexture existing stuff for this.

Stretch Goals (stuff that might be expecting a bit much of myself unless I get help):
The Abyss: this one might not be that hard to do, it'd be a simple platform with little geometry and a big old swirly water pit to chuck your enemies into
Kain's Throne Room: While I think this would actually work great as a B&S arena in general I have no idea the amount of work it would take to try to recreate it, probably have to create all of the textures for specific parts myself.


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