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Sortie Menu and Customization Screen issues.

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Hello all. Recently I have begun having this extremely annoying issue with a few screen overlays in-game. The last mod I had installed before this was "Solid Rising", and after noticing the bug and uninstalling the mod it did not immediately go away but after about a day it was back to normal. However for some reason I had installed the mod again thinking that I would be able to get rid of it and with that the issue when the time comes. But this time, it's been a few days since I have uninstalled this mod and I cannot figure out for the life of me what is causing these problems, nor can I come up with a fix. I've found that the AAOMS camera mod is said to fix these very issues that were prominent in NoShigu's camera framework mod, (who is also the author of the Solid Rising mod that started this for me, only stating that so you know the connection between AAOMS and my issue. Not putting this on Shigu.) however this mod did not fix these issues for me. I have tried freshly reinstalling the game, using new save data, using data downloaded from this site, verifying files via steam, and the only thing that gets rid of the issue is disabling mods in snakebite. However, after going through my mods, I no longer have any that weren't playing perfectly fine without this issue before it occured, so it isn't the mods themselves.

Can somebody help me figure out what is going on here? I'm beginning to become quite frustrated after a couple days of experimenting trying to figure this out. Below are some screenshots that I've taken showing these issues.


As you can see, the emblem customization and MB color changer still display properly-



This is what the weapons customs, buddy customs, and heli customs menus look like.



And lastly, here is the sortie prep menu along with the avatar editor.


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