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My First Raider Playthrough

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So..... my first raider playthrough....... I'm not done with it yet, mostly because I've been screwing around and blowing stuff up. That and because I finally got sim settlements to work thanks to the video the mod author put up so I'm FINALLY able to experience it.... and now I love it just like everyone else. Deff would recommend it --BUT. I have a few thoughts I wanted to put out there, since.... I love the thought of a raider playthrough.. I  REALLY REALLY DO. I've always wanted to do one cuz of the desciples. 



Now, a raider playthrough.... so far has seem like a real waste of time. I'm not joking, I had to download.......


This mod: https://www.nexusmod...out4/mods/36989


To not waste my entire Nuka world DLC..... and even then I'm not comfortable having that open season quest in my quest log...


So, with all that being said -- this is more of a question than anything else. And I want to state something real quick that's going to lead into said question. I was indeed able to clear and attain the castle before actually doing any minutemen quests -- Heck I still hadn't finished the literal very first one where you talk to a random settlement and do a random quest for them (mine was Somerville, kill raiders at that one sunken city). I don't know if this will cause a bug or special dialogue in the future, I literally just did it for shyts and giggles while I just so happen to be in that area.


Now, the question is, if you already have food,water, housed beds, or electricity -- is there a mod where you can tell preston to get tf out of sanctuary if you're already a raider due to affiliation from the Nuka - world DLC? Becaaause, Todd wouldn't like me in this game. The way preston raised his voice at me in concord then tried to flex in sanctuary like he owns MY place -- nah fam, I would've shot him before he stepped foot outside in concord. And Mercy too. Ontop of that, is there a mod that will let me have the option to take the castle for my raider gangs from Nuka - world? Cuz I would looove that. Just absolutely tossing Garvey into despair. No more minutemen head - quarters, its Desciples now. Or operators..... I killed the pack, screw those clowns I hated Ronald McDonald anyways. Its all about the burger thief.


Now, I do have project Valkyrie. I'm not gonna talk about that mod yet and not in this post anyways. This is my first playthrough with project Valkyrie also annnd…. so far it seems like a complete waste of time. But I'm still figuring it out and doing its....missions? I just dunno how any of it ties into the main story line and allows me to have garvey executed and all that YET. So, yeah. But if there are other mods that can atleast let me do those two things (kick garvey out of sanctuary [hopefully with some dialogue with me saying something like "if you don't like it, leave my town"] and give a raider gang the castle.).

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Dont bother.Nuka wrold DLc is just made because people complained that they cant be evil.

The most hated npc's are immortal.Preston and his gang of idiots.

Mama murphy can only die from drugs and struges is immortal.

Only way to get rid of him is to send him to the castle.And preston too.

I use Outcasts and Remnants quest mod to kill garvey.

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