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More Utilitarian Robes / Half Robes

clothing outfits

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The Pitch:


So the classic monk robes are great pieces of clothing. They kept monks warm, they were easy to make, and they were largely a one-size-fits all type of deal. They were really great for day-to-day life back in the day.


You know, so long as you're not running.


Or horseback riding.


Or fighting undead creatures and stubborn bandits who don't understand that they really should not mess with me, even though I'm tripping over the hem of the robes.


There's a reason women had to ride side-saddle back in the day. Those dresses rode up. And robes? Let's just say that your legs are sticking out most ridiculously (especially since the vanilla system doesn't believe in robes and pants co-existing). And let's not even get into how horribly shapeless they look on both men and women.


I scoured through the dark weeds of the Clothing mods tab, coming across mods that haven't been downloaded in years, discovered mods last updated back before Vine existed and before yeet came into the English lexicon, but I found nothing like this.


And so if there are any clothing enthusiasts who are especially bored while stuck at home, here's some inspiration (I couldn't find anything regarding image posting on the Nexus forums in the sticky general section or the newbie section, please let me know if I need to post images differently):










The Real Reason I'm Pitching This Mod Idea:


Benedict Cumberbatch makes half robes look amazing. And I want my male sorcerer character who may also have dark hair and sharp cheekbones to look this amazing.




Thank you for your time and possible consideration.

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lol, i've been begging for some more variety in robes and cloaks.  2/3 drift, half-drift ... i think the prob w/ Oblivion, as is the main problem w/ everything new to a mesh, the textures start to clip unless you turn something else off.

recently downloaded Abyss Demon, which gives one the opportunity to have animated wings and animated flying fights.  the trade-off from what i can remember, if one activates a cloak, it disables the wings.  i'm still wondering if one falls to their death if they do this mid-flight.

from what i've seen of past animations or lack of, hair meshes are a good example.  they clip into other textures.  the animated textures are only wearable and we're just talking about hair.

clipping a robe or the visible parts are easy, making the parts beneath continue to render visibility, i'm not sure about.

someone else please chime in, i'm just starting to explore the 3d textures of photoshop.




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is Dr Who any good.  i was debating about watching it, didn't care for the trailer ... it seemed very B in FX portion.

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