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[Companion] Jora the Eidolon

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Hello there!
So, overall, this is a basic idea i have based on a more successful character idea i once played out in pathfinder. I intend to maybe give it a go on learning how to work the creation kit and actually do this myself, but i want to try to look for any tips, hints or helpful guides as well as see if there's any positive reactions to the idea. I also want to state right away that i am not a native English speaker, but i'm fairly confident in my basic literary skills.  Anywho, i've been going on for a small while now and should probably adress the ideas i have for Jora as is. As such, a summary on the ideas for the 'basic' Jora, this being things i will want to achieve with Jora  as a start basis.
Quick Summary:
*Commentary on various vanilla quests 
*Strength/hp/etc based on a LevelxConjuration basis (This being more so leaning on the Conjuration skill level)
*Extensive dialogue regarding prior quests, general actions and... this is a pet interest of my own, your own character backstory.
*A summoning system, this being a ritual spell that can either summon Jora to you or throw her back into oblivion until you need her again.
*Approval/Dislike and Subdued/Free-willed
*Custom Follower System (I saw a guide on this so this will hopefully be easy)
There are also ideas i have further down the road if i actually get help and/or get proficient at it, which is:
* Her own personal dungeon and starter quest, which will face a more... Daedric Jora, elabouration down below.
* Interaction with modded characters, for the love of god, Inigo, Lucien, Auri, Vilja, Sofia, Kaidan, Anduniel, and more are such good inspiration for this.
* Evoloutions based on your Conjuration, these are modification points that can be spent in f.ex SkyUi to modify Jora's structure so to say. Is she a tank or a damage dealer who will knock her enemies into the ground? I have some ideas for this, i just need to learn the how-to.
*Gear/Perks from minor quests that while worn or received upon completion, will give Jora bonuses while summoned.
*Specified spells for healing her, based on Conjuration. The idea is to have her unaffected by Restoration magic.
*Relationship-state benefits (f.ex a damage up perk if she is really discontent with you. #Outlet.) idea based on DA
*Awareness on wether or not she was there! Because followers knowing ALL Your actions without you telling them don't strike me as 'right'.
From a mechanical standpoint, those are my aims for this character. Quite honestly, on the second list, i mostly value the interaction with modded characters. Because for the love of god, Lucien and Auri conversing while on the road is what i live for. My fangirling aside, i'll now get discuss the basic idea behind Jora's character and her initial personality.
Initial Jora
First off, Jora the companion is not the one you will meet when you first, well... 'drop in on her'. Jora is the aftermath of a daedric being warping to fit more to the last dragonborn's own soul. Meaning, turning from a inherently evil/violent you name it, Daedra, into a more gray being as she is being twisted into fitting the Akatosh aspect of the dragonborn's soul. Or for those of you who aren't playing dragonborn, the neutral soul of man. While maybe not the most lore-friendly reasoning off the bat, i intend to delve into Elder scrolls lore and see what i can cook up, altough this is likely the route i will go for. As such, on the more 'further down the line' list, the first quest will likely be walking into some cave or ruin she is bound to, fight through some minions/guardians, and either forcefully (or being tricked into) performing a ritual that releases her!... Albeit in not the fashion she expected. But as a result, you will get Jora, and the ability to summon her through a ritual conjuration spell.
Jora's personality, or rather, her original personality that i imagined her with is mostly composed of some key factors. For one, due to their bond, she is mostly affectionate and caring towards her owner. Of course this will be based alot on her approval/Disapproval, as well as how free-willed or subdued she is. The idea of her intial state is this though, a somewhat matronly, masculine, rowdy (in the uthgerd way, not the Narri way), and at times, reckless kind of way. Her original idea also left her with a fondness for sexual innuendos and watching her original shy summoner react, altough that is something i will have to potentially reconsider. Overall, she's a strong personality and would likely give Olfina a run for her money.
In terms of quests and the like, she will also hold her own opinions.. While originally a daedra, i will give her a somewhat 'i'm fine with violence' personality, but there will be limits to what she can agree to. As such, if you don't follow her advice or inputs there might be things she will react strongly to and state outloud once her and the dragonborn are alone. Your character is overall being scrutinized, but... No worries. Afterall, what can a bound daedra do? Run? She's a follower that, even if she retains her free-will, she will not exactly be unable to leave your entourage. That being said, this all depends on her personality parameters as well. If she is subdued, she might not comment on your heinous deeds, but if she is free-willed and disapproves of your actions, she is likely to give you atleast one judging comment.
Then again, on the other side of the coin, i'll have her praise the dragonborn and actually invest herself in him/her if she is approving of the character's actions. Benefits all around!
Right off the bat, i will say this: Jora will be your usual extremely beautiful kind of follower with huge kahonkadonkadonks. Not really. I mean, sure, she is in some sense, but that doesn't matter when her outwardly appearance is litteraly inspired by Alfred from FMA post-resurrection-ritual. To put it simply, she is covered, every inch of her body, in armor. I say armor but this is really just her 'scales' formed into a protective shell for the purpose of her duty to defend her master that came to exist the moment her essence got warped. I still need to think of something to fit for this, as Daedric armor isn't quite right for her.. too edgy and makes it hard to fit in society as just a armoured warrior-. As such please, do give me suggestions on what armor mods could be a good fit. I'd rather they hid everything, including eyes. Also a note, she is most likely going to be a few notches taller than you- but not enough to make her unable to enter dungeons.
Moral Compass
To further elabourate the mention in personality, there are things that she will react to in a benevolent manner and things she won't. Being a warped being towards more of a neutral gray area, these are her strongest points of discontent:
-She will dislike the murder of innocents, better leave her in oblivion while doing this. This extends to Dark brotherhood.
-She will not be too fond of stealing from the poor and just the generic people of Skyrim, but hey, the rich and corrupt? Go for it. She won't be too fond of the thieves guild but it will be leagues below what the Dark brotherhood does.
-Lydia. Just.. Lydia. This won't really affect the affection parameter, but she'll be discontent with Lydia. In her mind, it's like she's sworn to be a burden.
As for things she will be content with- Mind you, she is not all that 'let's do good' as her dislikes might point to. Instead, her points of approval is mainly:
-Feats of strength and or prowess. Fighting dragons, kicking Alduin in the shin, joining the companions and so on will be of interest to her.
-Attention. Towards her. She is a fairly selfish being.
-Bringing her into sieges in the civil war, doesn't matter which side.
-Being open to her. This is more if you get on her good side and she gets invested in who and what you both are and were.
Note: Some of these may be changed, mostly the murder of innocents etc. I mean i'm still considering my options.
Points of interest
In all essence, these are a few points here and there that more regard what i intend to have build up on Jora and her interactions, but i couldn't justify giving an entire category to.
*She is/can be interested in you! Skyrim offers limited ways to who you were, where you come from and what you did- she's also interested in where you're going and to see wether it actually happen.
*She is intended to fight barehanded. Yes. Literally. Her inventory will be for carrying, rather than fighting. Her level/your conjuration, as well as what evoloutions she got will help increase her damage output. I am still weighing the options of weapons with her, but she will if anything definitively be melee.
*Marriage? No. She's a daedra, so she will not be marriable. I might add a slight 'romance' kind of deal related to what kind of affection she has for you, and this might have some input on a few things. 
*She will be bad at sneaking. She is litterally covered in metal-like scales/bones (Idk), and if you want to utilize her in a sneaky kind of sense, then that'll be fairly hard.. I might add a quick cast 'power' or something as a quest reward.
*You cannot change her armor. It's just how she looks.
I have probably forgotten a few points, but... Overall thats a glance into the character idea i have.
As is it's just me having scoped this out as a possible idea, and i don't even know if i am capable of pulling this off in the long run, but i will try! If there's any tips, guides i might be interested in or help any of you want to give me, give me a comment! Heck im even fully for discussing the overall idea, as i have no idea how this would be received. 
Ah right, and if this is in the wrong thread then someone please point me in the right direction-



Oh and if you have ideas, hints or advice then go ahead and put them down below. This is more or just me wanting to try my best to achieve this  but i still have no experience with modding as a whole. Im a chef for crying out loud xD

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