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[Model request] Truly unique Courier 6 duster

replacer mesh-up armor 3d model courier duster apparel courier six

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Hey, community, I have a dream.

An idea that has been on my mind for quite some time, you see. Never being satisfied how Courier duster from Lonesome Road looks like I was always looking for an alternative on Nexus. Oh, there are some great ones, sure, but in my opinion they are either lack uniqueness or look too different from vanilla. It should be a unique piece of equipment, not just Ulysses' duster with a different name, you know.

To cut a long story short, here what I suggest. On the Nexus I found two modes:
1) Lonesome Road Duster from Concept Art. I really like the idea to make the duster look closer to the well-known concept art.
2) Courier 6 Armor. It is a piece of high level art, really, though it's not a replacer for the duster in any sense.

Being an artist at heart, I see how those two can be combined together, yet the lack of any skill in 3D modeling discourages me to make this dream a reality. In foreseeable future at least. So, I decided to share the idea with the community here.

But I didn't came empty handed, no! Here is a dirty mesh-up in NifSkope to demonstrate what exactly I'm talking about.


Neat, right? Simple and distinctive, what do think?

If someone would be so kind to make both male and female version of the duster, I can provide help with creating .esp to properly integrate the replacer into the game.

Dog, I really hope someone will find this idea worthwhile!

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