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Halt! The Legion is checking passports.

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The Imperial Emperor, Juliano, has ordered for the arrest of a criminal in this area.

Let me see your documents, citizen.


(This is a character thread. Post your character info!)




Passport Info


Name: Juliano the Great

Age: 30

Race: Imperial

Gender: Male


Class: Warrior

Birthsign: Lord

Combat: Shiled+ Sword Heavy



Current Province: Skyrim,

Home: Sjel Blad Castle

Factions: Imperial Legion, Champions, Fighters Guild,

Spouse(optional): Lynea Follower Mod.

Housecarl/Loyal bodyguard(optional): 


Top Followers: Sofia the funny, Recorder, Isabel, Viktor,

Follower Gear(optional): Heavy sets, Imperial.


Daedra/Aedra Champion: Akatosh, Meridia, Todd Howard.

Achievments: Skyrim High King, Whiterun Thane, Finished

 Civil War with Ulfric dead, Maven Blackbriar in Dread Prison.


Current Outfit:

Helmet: Resplendent Helmet

Body: Resplendent Armor

Arms: Emperors Will Gauntlets

Legs: Imperial Champion Boots


Accessories: Legion Cloak

Weapon: Final Tensa Zangestu

Shield(optional): Shield of the Imperial Legion


Mount: Dragon Flying Mount

Pet: Boar


Misc items(can be hidden from this inspection): 140 Gold Septims.


(Juliano is my Skyrim Character whom is the Legion Emperor)

(For more fun, post a character screenshot!)

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