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Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord modded crash on paying troops

mount blade ii bannerlord crash modded paying troops

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So, I got the game yesterday, and today I finally got all the mods to seemingly work save one which won't let me enable it in the launcher for who knows why. It's unimportant though, as it's not a critical mod to me. What is critical is that as I ride around the map, I obviously have to pay my troops, but whenever it triggers to pay them, the game freezes up for like 30-ish seconds, and then vanishes, leaving me on the desktop. I've tried this twice and although it triggered at different points, when it did trigger, the same thing happened. Vortex says I have 44 active mods, but there were 2 that I had to manually install myself, and IDK if it's counting those or not.


At any rate, as seen in the Singleplayer > Mods section of the launcher, I have the following:
*DCC Main* (Required) v1.0.0.226109
Native e1.1.0.226109
SandBox Core e1.1.1.226109
Health Rebalance v1.0.4.226109
Khuzait Units Fix e1.1.0.226109
No Dragon Banner Timeout v1.0.0.226109
Armor Does Something v1.1.0.226109
AutoBlocker v1.0.7.226109
AutoTrader v1.12.0.226109
BannerPeasants 10M v2.0.0.226109
Cheer Mod v1.2.0.226109
CollisionFix v1.4.0.226109
Detailed Character Creation v1.1.2.226109
Developer Console v1.3.2.226109
Dismemberment v1.1.0.226109
Experience Multiplier v0.7.1.226109
Faction Color Enabler v1.0.1.226109
Gay Marriage Mod b1.0.1.226109
Hideout Party Limit Removed 50 e1.0.3.226109
Improved Smithing v0.7.3.226109
Item Fixer - Armor Items v1.1.5.226109
Item Fixer - Ranged Items v1.1.4.226109
Item Fixer - Workshop Production v1.1.3.226109
ItemNameGenerator e1.0.0.226109
LootLord v1.0.0.226109
MBFastDialogue v2.2.0.226109
Mixed Gender Troops v0.9.4.226109
Noble Nobles v1.5.0.226109
PhateModShowRecruitsTooltip v1.0.0.226109
Recruitable v1.0.4.226109
RecruitAllButton v1.1.0.226109
Regenerating Health v1.0.0.226109
Revolutions v0.0.17.226109
Rulership v1.0.0.226109
Settlement Icons v1.2.0.226109
Sound The Alarm v1.0.5.226109
Tournaments XPanded e1.5.10.226109
Weapon Part Workshop v1.2.3.226109
Xorberax's Banks of Calradia v0.2.1.226109
Xorberax's Cut Through Everyone v0.3.1.226109
Xorberax's Deadly Horse Charges v0.1.0.226109
Xorberax's Shoulder Cam v0.5.0.226109
Xorberax's Training Field v0.3.0.226109
EquipBestItem v1.2.0.226109
Bannerlord Tweaks v1.1.4.226109 (This is the one that I cannot seem to get to enable in the launcher.)
Any help would be appreciated.

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