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What ENB should with my pc specs & mods?

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Currently I'm trying to make my skyrim look like it was made in 2020 :tongue:,
I'm not sure which enb should I choose to make my game beautiful & keep it playable.
Below I've written down my PC specs and most important mods that interfer visuals, graphics & environment, below that section I will precise my taste for lightning.


I5-8300H 2.30 GHz

List of graphic & other mods :
Static Mesh Improvement
Skyrim HD 2K textures (This mod is overwritten by any other mod that changes textures)
Vivid Landscapes 4K  (all in one)
Rustic alchemy, windows, clothes,
Forgotten retex project
Verdant grass
Skyrim flora overhaul (no grass version)

aMidianBorn Book of silience
Realistic Water two


So with this mods running i have like 60 fps I guess, or maybe more :tongue: as I wrote I'm not sure.

I've tried Patrician enb and installed everything that this enb required:
Vivid weathers (no patches, only volumetric fog)
Natural lightning Vivid atmospherics
Relightining Skyrim
Enhanced Lightning for ENB

With those mods and Patrician ENB installed (that doesn't matter if I will choose light version) My fps oscillates between 20-30 fps.
The value of 20 fps I get in demending areas such as "Forests". Near whiterun for example I have 28-30 fps.

I need some help with choosing proper ENB to make my game work in at least 30 fps :/ 
Also I would like to use uGridsToLoad=9(or at least 7), I checked my performance after editing skyrim.ini with this line and it took from my game just: (in forests: 3-5 fps)-(in open area 5-8 fps). 
So I need help finding an ENB that I can run with all those mods, ugridstoload=9  with at least 30 fps.
I really like ELFX, vivid weathers mods (optionally COT), so I will really apreciate if you will help me finding ENB that will satisfy my needs for mesmerizing visuals and proper fps :tongue:.
Please help me :sad:

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