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Bannerlord Mod Suggestion and Idea

bannerlord smithing viking scaling weapons unit reskin

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First things first, I am terrible at modding thus why i am putting this out there in hopes a modder with talent will make this or teach me.

1. Bigger swords. I just found smithing to be unfun when it came to the satisfaction of my character and the scaling of the weapons. I push all the sliders up to max and yet its still just looks as though the sword is 1.5x-2x smaller than it needs to be (especially bastard swords). Granted i like to run a tall muscular nord type so i have the height and such maxed. Im just hoping someone can make a mod or teach me how to scale the size of the crafted swords (and axes) up. Additionally, when you max out the handle length your character holds it in the middle instead of up against the crossguard. Gosh darn it, that annoys the hell out of me and looks tacky. Hopefully there can be a fix for this.

2. Still holding out for a good viking reskin mod for sturgia. People have tried but it just never feels right. I have asked countless youtubers to post unit reskin tutorials now that there is early access and everyone in the comments gets ignored. Artem is a popular bannerlord youtuber who posted some great viking reskins of the beta. Sadly, his tutorial on custom units is dated now that the item lists have changed from the beta to the early access release. I have counted 10 or 12 subscribers asking him to post or share his viking reskin mods on nexus but we get ignored every time. If somone knows him or knows how to reskin units i would love to learn (granted im less tech savy). If they want to take the time to post a viking reskin i would happily support a great mod of that type with actual money (yeah im that desperate).

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