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skyrim mods

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HELP...I enjoy SKYRIM and just cant get mods to download from nexus to my download file to game!  would appreciate a walk through...thank you...p.s...ive downloaded many mods from mod sites to SIM games ,,but i'm doing vsomething wrong with this NEXUS system.



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There are usually two buttons on each file listed on the files tab.  One says something like Download with Manager and the other says something like Manual Download.  They are pretty straight forward.  The Download with Manager will download a NXM file that should trigger an appropriately set up mod manager to download the actual 7z / zip / rar file.  The Manual Download button downloads the 7z / zip / rar file directly to wherever you have your browser setup to put downloaded files.


From here, things differ depending upon whether you are using a mod manager or manually installing the files yourself.  You'll need to fill in those blanks before anyone can provide more specific information that will fit your needs.



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  1. Install Vortex
  2. Visit a mod page with a mod you want to download and install
  3. ****Click the blue box nearer to the top of the webpage that is labeled "Vortex"
  4. Vortex should open automatically and note that it is downlading the mod
  5. Once the mod has been downloaded by Vortex, Vortex will then report that it wants to install the mod. Let it.
  6. Follow any remaining instructions provided by Vortex to complete the installation process.


****Ideally, you would have first read the requirements tab if it has one. The requirements tab lists any other mods that need to be installed prior to installing the desired mod. Then you'd install any of the prerequisite mods prior to installing (step 3) the desired mod. 


Note: occasionally, you will not be allowed to install it directly from the mod webpage top links. In those cases, it will likely say only "manual", because there are multiple possible installations in the "Files" tab. In this case, chose the file from its Files tab listings (for instance, a companion or follower might have optional downloads for the CBBE body type,  or UNP, or some other body variant, or some resource might have different texture complexities - 1K 2K 4K, etc)  and then choose "Vortex" when it wants to know how you want to download it.

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