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skyrim xbox 360 mods request help npc mods character mods graphic mods item mods gear mods

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I'm looking for someone who can mod me a game for skyrim for xbox360.

I'm not looking for a bunch of crazy things. Just graphic updates. Character art. World art. Ability to interact with NPCs. Things like that.

I'm new to this whole thing. So sorry i don't know specific mod title or file names.

Essentially looking for-

1. All or most of the character art and interactivity upgrade mods. For playable characters. NPCs. Animals. Etc. Everything from Looks. Hair. Eyes. Mouths. And Bodies. Make the people (and creatures) look more realistic and lifelike

2. Npc mods. Essential/Non Essential. Marry/Follow. Equip/Alter gear. Teenagers. Cause why not. More kids. More interactivity with NPCs. More people in towns.

3. Clothing/Armor/Weapons. Nothing god mode or game breaking. No tanks rockets guns things like that. Just the additional skyrim themed weapons/armor/clothing options. None that leggings and mini skirts crap. Realistic armor and weapon additions. For Characters and NPCs.

4. 3 chests that replace(or are nearby) the 3 standing stones right outside helgen. They contain.

Chest 1- 5000 of each alchemy and smithing item. And one piece of gear with every enchantment in game available to be disenchanted.

Chest 2- 100 of Every flawless gem. 2500000(2.5mil)gold. 500 gold ingots. 5000 grand soul gems filled.

Chest 3- 25 dragon bones and scales. One piece of every dragon bone or scale armor/weapon.

5. Multiple Followers mod
So i can have at least 3 people follow me doing my evil bidding...

Character stats
Lvl 1
Pre CC
Smithing 100
Enchanting 100
Alchemy 100
Speech 100
Sneak 50
Archery 50
All other skills at 25
(Because your a warrior with skills here in Skyrim to fight, not just some lump of meat. Right? So yeah... Skills...)
Carry weight 250000lbs
Health 500
Magic 500
Stamina 500
All Race Perks(no vamp/wolves)

If anyone can make this. Or has something very similar. I would be most grateful.  But... Hey Your time your ......

I'm not looking for the porno add-ons No naked or topless NPCs. Or none that. Just want everything to look better...
That said. I do understand thru research that some of the body mods include the topless/naked mods. That is ok if all that works.

So for a recap. Summary.
Make ALL the graphics better looking. So all graphic mods maybe?.
Make NPCs better looking, again graphic mods?.
Make Characters better looking, again graphic mods?.
All Body, Hair, Eyes, Skin, Clothing mods for NPCs Characters and Animals.
All NPC mods. Equip/alter, items/clothing, Essential/Non, Follow/Marry, graphics updates.
All weapon, armor, item mods that add additional items to game but don't break or god mode it.
Teenagers Mod (optional but seems like be cool to have)
Multiple followers mod

And then yes the 3 chests(which honestly could put anywhere between helgen and riverwood)

Plus the pre CC stats...
Gotta have that jump....

I realize this is a long shot. Odds of them all being available or accessible to the xbox 360 is probably low.

Plus I realize it'll take time to implement all into a save file if not already done... But if they are....
Or if someone has a save with AT LEAST all the graphic mods. Id take that too...

Just looking for help with modding my xbox 360 Skyrim game into a more enjoyable immersive aesthetical powered experience.




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You can reply here. Or pm me. Email correspondence avail.

If anyone can help. Is bored or maybe just feels like hooking a disable veteran up then please reply and assist.

Any help. Info. Or assistance is appreciated



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Thread title and post edited as soliciting/offering monetary or other compensation in exchange for files, services etc. is not allowed.





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Whoops... Like i said. New to this. Still figuring it all out... That's my bad. Can't figure out how to edit or delete thread tho. So hopefully it'll die on its own... Really just looking for mods that actually work for xbox360




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Everything i find is junk or not compatible... Been searching and trying stuff for a week now with no luck. I can't incorporate anything from this mod site into my 360

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