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Two mod requests: simpler birthday and mini harp

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Hi, I haven't been able to find anything that fits right for me.


Mini Harp: I love the look of Harp of Yoba, but it adds (cool) mechanics that I personally don't want--I'd just like to be able to whip out the mini harp and strum a tune.


Birthday: As for Happy Birthday, it's almost perfect as you can configure most of its content. But, unfortunately, you can't alter the letters or huge cash gifts from your parents. I tried it out and felt like I was cheating myself. I've seen one or two people asking if there's any way to alter the parent part, but I've not caught a reply yet. I didn't bother posting on the mod itself since the question has already been asked. Personally, I would be happy with even just the player's birthday marked on the calendar.


I'm sorry if I'm not being clear: on antibiotics for something and I'm dizzy/queasy. 

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