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How to Replace a Model in Skyrim SE with My Model?

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Good day!
Please help me resolve the issue, otherwise I’ve been fighting like a fish on ice for the second day ... I’m tired, I need help.
I decided to start with a very simple task (as I thought at the beginning). I need to replace the barrel model "barrel01.nif
"The order of my actions:
1. Installed Skyrim SE
2. Unpacked all the resources of the game through B.A.E.
3. Delivered a plugin for 3Ds Max - NifPlugin for 3ds Max
4. Safely found my barrel and opened it in Max, added the box geometry to the barrel (this is a test) and combined the whole mesh together
5. Exported everything back to nif-format
6. Opened NifSkope 2.0 and started editing the model already there.
As a model of actions, I took a lesson from YouTube, where they change the knife model, but I have a barrel model, and I have different settings in Nifskop already ... In general, the principle was there - we take a vanilla knife and change its geometry to ours.
I wanted to try the same - take the barrel and change it to mine. But nothing comes of it.
I leave the file in the mash, Skyrim catches it, but in the game all the barrels tied to "barrel01.nif" just disappear. The conflict remains, there is an inscription and no barrels.
How to simply take and change the geometry of the barrel?
Not a knife, not a sword, not armor ... Only a barrel.




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Have two Nifskope windows open at once. Load whatever barrel nif you're trying to replace, and load yours - compare the node structure. You can also just copy-paste the trishape node from your file into the existing file as well. 

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