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[Mod Request] Tenchu Overhaul: Stealth etc.

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Lol now that I'm writing this, I'm going buckwild in imagination.

The main thing I'm looking for, is enemy AI that allows for more stealth. All of this together would make a pseudo-Tenchu game :blush:.

- AI -
Now that I'm returning to this game & finding things like Rikimaru with Izayoi & Tenchu sfx/music, I was wondering if the game could possibly 'feel' more like Tenchu.

Could something be done with the enemy AI where when you stealth kill someone, it doesn't so easily alert people in the immediate area?

Idk about reducing sense of sound, but maybe reducing enemy vision distance/sensitivity when they're already on alert, so it's easier to return to the enemy being cooled down instead of being swarmed, but not also nerfing them too much. Anything that could allow a heavily stealth based playthrough. Whatever prevents my elbow or ponytail from being seen when I run to hide on a roof.


Perhaps to support stealth, reducing the lighting in some areas? Not just cosmetically, but the type of thing that affects enemy vision...which may have to be balanced with the npc's vision itself. Idk anything about modding, but 2 different types of changes that interact with each other seems really involved. I suspect this would be the hardest thing to do of everything I have here.

- NPCs -

I know people have managed to replace a lot of character models. Could some Tenchu enemies be rebuilt (Manji Cultists please!) to replace the normal enemies in the game?

Instead of the Sekiro dogs, have the Ninken. As far as bosses, that might be a pretty tall order.

Maybe replace mini-bosses with characters like Echigoya or Onikage since the Sekiro story still needs to flow...or hell, replace Genichiro with Onikage & O'Rin with Kagame :devil:.

Replace Kotaro near Senpou Temple with Genbu :laugh: & make him a hostile enemy, breaking that side quest if it's even possible... or just replace the Taro Troops & other big turds like the Hammer Monks with Genbu.

I'm sure adding characters would be an ongoing thing, & there's a ton I'm forgetting about.


If it's possible, import the character's audio from the Tenchu games. I know that is probably pretty complicated, well with finding, extracting, categorizing, & converting whatever needs to be done. Idk if that's as complicated as the base stealth overhaul I'm looking for, but it's probably very time consuming if it actually IS possible.

Finally, maybe a little item swapping & overhauling of effects to match the Tenchu item. I'm not sure if we could have flaming arrows or mines & grenades, but if some simple items like Dokudango (Poison Rice) could be thrown in there, that's probably more than enough. The only other ones I'd really like in there are the Caltrops & Poison Darts... &flamingArrows :dance:. Om nom nom gimmie exploding mines & grenades! :hurr:

I'm happy that amazing things are still being done with this game. I just saw a video of someone testing out an online co-op mod, & someone else is rebuilding Rikimaru from the ground up to be as detailed as the Wolf. I am a crazy for Tenchu like anyone else who was anticipating another one. I made some GIANT post of improvements I wanted when Capcom bought K2 like over 10 years ago. If anything, the base stealth change to the enemies in the immediate area would be HUGE, the rest is bonus.

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