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[Mod Request] Behemoth Music Replacement


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This is a pretty simple one, I think, as I started on the process but just couldn't actually get the OGG to quite behave as the base one does.


Replacing the Behemoth Phase 2 (final) music with this: https://www.youtube....h?v=lWtVj3OnCPc


I was using https://www.nexusmod...rworld/mods/317 and found that the file necessary to modify is wem #7 in bgm_ingame_cf.npck. It sounds like (in Audacity at least) the audio is in mono rather than stereo, though this may have simply been how Audacity handled it and not the in-game behavior. Despite my best efforts though, I could not get the desired volume levels, layering (as used in mounting) and timing, and threw my hands up.


Is there anyone willing to take up this gauntlet?

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