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MOD REQUEST: Craftable Ranged Weapons

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Since day 1 trying out the smithing feature, I found it kinda odd that no ranged weapons were available in the crafting section, and while one could argue that Bows would not be created in a forge/smithy, I don't see why all weapon types should not be available to make.


Features I would like to see in this mod:


Materials: Add the following materials to the game:

  1. 3 tiered quality bow-string(low, mid, high)
  2. 3 tiered quality hardwood(low, mid, high)
  3. feathers(optional)
  4. rock(bonus)

Refinement: Ability to refine:

  1. Leather from hides
  2. 'bow-string' from either flax or leather
  3. higher quality hardwood creates more charcoal

Crafting: Different arrow, bolt, bow and crossbow part blueprints, with various stat modifiers, including:


Bow parts:

  1. riser (materials: hardwood, maybe added hide, flax, or leather for handle?)
  2. limbs (materials: hardwood)
  3. string nock (materials: hardwood and/or metals?)
  4. bow string

Crossbow parts:

  1. Stock (materials: hardwood, and added hide, flax or leather)
  2. Limbs (materials: hardwood(for lighter crossbows), metals)
  3. bow string
  4. firing assembly mechanism (materials: metals)(*also come up with better name*)
  5. Stirrup (materials: leather or metals)

Arrow and Bolt parts:

  1. Shaft (materials: hardwood)
  2. point (materials: metals)
  3. fletching (materials: none or add feathers as cheap easily available material)(**Or merge fletching with shaft, making arrows and bolts only have 2 parts**)

BONUS: (for less immersive, but equally fun purposes)

add craftable "rocks" so you can throw stones at people just like those looters, ranging from little pebbles to yeeting boulders(siege ammunition) based on throwing skill.

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