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Berserk Mod request

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HI, i'm new on here so i don't really now how this works, i just wanted to ask if someone is capable of doing a berserk inspired mod, maybe with boneworks armor,like griffith's and guts', with both the sword of guts(maybe in two variant's: one variant of the swords can be used with one hand and the other one is heavier, or one can slice enemies while the other variant can't it would be cool) and griffith's; i got a lot of ideas but i really don't know how to do or even if it is possible: i am not a modder and i don't have any idea of how it works so forgive me if i'm asking the impossible but i'm really into berserk cause i just started it and i would literally love to have a complete berserk pack on blade e sorcery. Also i think it would be really cool.


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