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Cloaks and capes

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Im a big fan of RPG world with knights in heavy armors and capes or hooded archers and assasins. Is it possible to add those things to DA:O? It's my fav rpg right now and one thing i miss is those capes and cloaks :D





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interestingly in the toolset files it shows that they were intended to be added but weren't for some reason, maybe someone could edit them back in



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IIRC, the game engine can't support the kind of physiquing needed for cloaks or capes to flow properly. They have to either be stuck in one position (straight up and down or sticking out) or plastered to the wearer's body (like the 'tail' on the Grey Warden armours ported from DA2, for example).


AFAIK, there is but one mod that does add a 'cape' to an armour (Armor of the Chaotic-Blue); if you watch this video you can see what I mean by the 'cloak' being stuck to the body.


And for a cloak or cape to be added to the game, it would have to be as part of a specific armour or clothing item (as with the above mod), since the game does not have a slot for equipping it as a separate item.

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