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[Mod Release] Calradia Awakens - Magic, Items, Kingdom Troops - A modular Total Conversion

total conversion magic items troop tree replacer mods fantasy overhaul

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I'd like to invite anyone here willing to check out our mod: Calradia Awakens


It's a modular total overhaul that includes magic, items, kingdom troops, and more.



If you don't like the kingdom troops, feel free to enjoy the items!

We have fire balls, fire bolts, miasma clouds, exploding bolts, multi-shot arbalests, barrage arrows, blazing spears, and much more.


Kingdom Troops:

These will require the item module as kingdom troops will use some of these items.


So far we have released The Imperium of Vlandia - A technology based and warhammer 40k inspired remake of Vlandia.

They have a uniform look, use grenades, multi-shot crossbows, exploding bolts, scatter bolts, and crossbow cavalry.



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